Meet our Ambassadors!

Whilst we may be a rather new organisation, we have seemingly gained a number of 'hardcore' foreverwild followers throughout our social media channels, which is AMAZING!

Big change can only happen when we work together and at the moment, the foreverwild team is small... there are in fact just two of us.

Therefore, to ensure that we can focus on the important work such as marketing foreverwild, dispatching orders, replenishing stock, finances, website maintenance, research etc, we require the help of Volunteer Ambassadors, or our followers who're determined to be part of our journey and a real change, that is desperately needed.

So if you have a spare hour a month, are aged 13+ and would like to help us, then we'd love to hear from you!

A Volunteer Ambassador might write blogs for the website, be moderators on our TikTok Lives, share details on social media of foreverwild's mission or indeed create marketing campaigns for our social media and website.

Whatever skills you have, we'd love to put them to use so we can achieve great things, quicker!

If you're keen to help us, then please drop us an email and we'll get back to you.
We hope to hear from you soon!


Current foreverwild Ambassadors 

Barton-upon-Humber, UK
Supporting with: Blog posts and school & business outreach

I’ve always had a love for animals and being out in the fields and trees at a small age. We had some pets growing up but independently one of the first memories I have, I must have only been around seven years old. I was out and about exploring just like any other day and I came across a field mouse which didn’t seem ok. To be sure not to hurt the little guy I dedicated one of my shoes to be able to carry him all the way home safely to then take care of him! Obviously my mum wasn’t best pleased! Things didn’t stop there. Neighbours pets, I would sit with and pet for as long as they would allow me to. Toads and frogs I would collect and bring home. I was certain that I would become a vet when I was older wanting to help animals every day. Unfortunately I grew older and life became harder. I didn’t follow my childhood dreams. I soon became a mum I introduced animals to my son by going to farms, zoos and just days out in the country side feeding the ducks. I pursued a career in health care and teaching. Which I do love. My life again hit some tough corners. At this point I had a dog! I started walking more, walking in the country side and just falling in love with being outdoors again. Instead of pushing this away when times got harder I used it to pull me through. I was seeing animals again, I adopted an orangutan as the true heart break behind the lives of these poor animals, I just couldn’t sit and do nothing. it made me feel good too! I wanted to do more, joining challenges to raise money and spread awareness. More the better! I promised myself that I wouldn’t forget that part of me again, and now I dedicate a part of my life, my time to the environment and the animals we live amongst. Becoming a vegetarian, more economic and supporting charities fighting to save endangered animals like the orangutan. 

Thank you to all of our Ambassadors for their continued support