The Causes We Support...

foreverwild was founded in 2021 and whilst we may be new on the block, we certainly have some big ideas!

Unfortunately, the world's not in a good place.

We humans have a lot to answer for and it's our duty to try and make things right. Whilst governments may be slow at changing old laws and creating new ones, there are thankfully many organisations and charities out there who're doing their thing, to try and save what's left of those species and ecosystems on the brink of extinction or collapse.

Therefore, we want to put the money earned from the sales to use quickly and effectively and therefore, instead of saving these funds to create our own projects, we'll be transferring the funds raised to established front line organisations who can put the money to work with immediate effect. 

When you make a purchase, you’re paying for urgent work to be initiated to ensure that vulnerable animals and ecosystems are around for years to come.

Why buy a pin badge when I can just donate the money?

Well you certainly could just donate... and I'm sure the charities and organisations below would be grateful for any donations, however at foreverwild, we'd like to create something more than just a 'donation platform'.

foreverwild is a community.

A community of people who want to work together and help make a big difference.

By purchasing and wearing your foreverwild pin badge, you'll create organic discussion with your friends, families, colleagues and strangers who comment on or recognise your badge, and in turn this creates more support for the causes in need.

We're also a one-stop-shop where you can pick and choose which charities or organisations to support and we'll do the hard work by ensuring the funds you pledge are given to the intended (and legitimate) organisations who truly are making a world of difference.

foreverwild can only survive with your support.

We may be individuals, but collectively we have the power to make world changing differences.

Our approved partners and supporters...



liberia chimp rescue