The Pin Badges

There are many organisations who claim to be 'for the environment', but simply 'dropship' poorly made bracelets or garish looking jewellery from China.

Usually these have been massed produced in industrial factories and contribute to the emissions of carbon dioxide, which in turn has a damaging effect on the environment. 

We won't name names, but we've seen lots of 'buy a bracelet and we'll plant a tree' ads all over social media. The bracelets checkout for £25/$30, when they can be purchased directly from Aliexpress or Alibaba for £2/$3.

Customer purchases:

Order fulfilled by factory in China:

Order takes up to 2 months to arrive.

Whilst they may still plant a tree upon your kind purchase, the owners of these companies are simply using the environmental narrative as a driver for sales and are focused on the profit margin for their own back pocket.

At foreverwild, our ethos is to create high quality, branded, bespoke and environmentally friendly produced pin badges, in which the profits are put to the causes you pledge to support.

We're a UK, family ran organisation that is attempting to raise funds for the world's most troubled wildlife, whilst creating a memorable experience for those who are looking to support the environment...

First, we create the designs for our pin badges. Our pin badges have a contemporary feel to ensure they appeal to all age groups and genders. Every pin badge is geometric/origami in its design, which allows all of the pin badges to look fantastic together as a collection.


Once the pin badge designs have been finalised, we begin the process of turning them into a physical, hard enamel pin badge.

Our pin badges are hand crafted, meaning there are no large carbon polluting factories creating them. 

A single mould is created for every pin badge design and this mould is stored away in a workroom so that future pin badge orders can be placed using the same mould.

Once every pin badge has been created and our logo has been engraved on the back, it proceeds to the next step in production. 

Each pin badge is painted by hand (imagine paint by numbers) and the small pin is welded onto the back by hand, to ensure it remains sturdy during its lifetime. 

Every pin badge is then hand polished to give it a glossy shine in its appearance. 

Once the pin badges have been crafted and polished, they go through a number of further stages in which the black nickel plating is applied. They are then baked in a large kiln for up to 8 hours, before being pined onto our the beautifully designed backing card.

The production of our pin badges also provide a source of income for workers and their families in Comilla, Bangladesh where our pin badges are produced.

Finally, they are shipped to us where they await their new home, with you!

At the checkout, there is an option to offset the carbon from the shipping of your pin badge. Funds received through this scheme are then transferred to 1 For The Planet on your behalf.

We hope you'll join us and support our attempt at raising money for some of the world's most endangered wildlife and we look forward to shipping your pin badge(s) to you soon!


If you'd like to see how we dispatch your pin badge order, then click the link HERE!