About foreverwild

A Message From forverwild Founder,
Mike Evans

Planet Earth. What an amazing, diverse and spectacular place to call home. And whilst ‘Planet Earth’ may have been around for over 4.5 billion years (give or take), the impact of our short existence as ‘humans’ has caused much harm to many of our worlds ecosystems and species.

From the climate emergency we’re currently facing, to marine and wildlife conservation to protect even more species before they too become just photo on Google. 

Caring for the planet is a responsibility for all of us, to ensure that all ecosystems can live side by side, peacefully.

Having travelled across much of America, Asia and Australia, I've seen the good, the bad and the damn right ugly. And upon a recent trip to Borneo, I saw first hand the impact of deforestations, which are making way for palm tree plantations.

Back in 2017, I travelled to Sandakan in Sabah, Borneo to visit the Orangutan Sanctuary, to better understand the works that were happening to protect and rehabilitate the remaining orangutan population. As the plane came into land, I couldn't believe the amount of forest that had been cut down to make way for PALM OIL plantations. The palm oil issue in Borneo was something I'd seen online, but didn't quite believe the extent of the issue. 

Here's a photo I took when the plane was coming into land...

(The top half of this photo are all oil palm trees, which now grow where dense, thick jungle was once dominant for thousands of years prior)

borneo deforestation from planet woodland forest jungle orangutans palm oil donate save

Oil palm trees are taking over Borneo's natural spaces, ultimately because of human desperation, greed and consumption. It’s really happening, right now, as you read this. Jungle is being cleared and the incredible and inquisitive Orangutan (among other animals) are fighting for survival. And so we must fight back!

I've longed to do something to try and give back to the awesome place we call home. But sometimes the thought of fighting back is overwhelming, especially when you realise how big the issue is. And to be clear, although this is one issue, there are many, many more issues that need to be addressed across the world.

Whilst fighting back might be a daunting challenge, giving up or not trying is failure before attempt. We can't just 'give in' and accept defeat. We have to try to educate, raise funds, share ideas and create a community of people who are stronger together.

And so I invite you to join foreverwild, and our journey as we strive to protect and preserve some of the planets most vulnerable species and ecosystems.

Dedicated to saving our most endangered animals, foreverwild was founded to raise vital funds to protect and preserve some of the planets most endangered species.

Your actions today can have an effect on the stories of tomorrow. Let them be positive stories and join our journey to help protect the wildlife on our incredible, delicate planet. 

Profits from every sale will be ploughed directly to each individual cause.

That’s pretty epic! 

#BeWild ✨