By buying this pin badge, you'll help fund the care & rehabilitation of orphaned chimpanzees!


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✨ Help fund the care and rehabilitation of displaced and orphaned chimpanzees! 

Endangered ⚠️

Between 150,000 - 250,000

Central & West Africa

Affected by habitat loss and fragmentation, illegal wildlife trade and disease.

chimpanzees bush meat

Like us, chimps are highly social animals, care for their offspring for years and can live to be over 50. In fact, chimpanzees are our closest cousins; we share about 98% of our genes.

In their habitat in the forests of Central Africa, chimpanzees spend most of their days in the treetops. When they do come down to earth, chimps usually travel on all fours, though they can walk on their legs like humans for as far as a mile. They use sticks to fish termites out of mounds and bunches of leaves to sop up drinking water.

Despite our shared lineage, humans are pushing chimpanzees toward extinction. Chimps have already disappeared completely from four countries and are under tremendous pressure everywhere else they live.

Poaching is another prominent threat. Bushmeat has always been a primary food source in Central and West Africa, but in recent years poaching has become commercialised to satisfy the appetites of wealthy urban residents. Infant chimpanzees are frequently taken alive and sold in cities as pets.



Love chimpanzees? Us too. But they're in real danger of being lost forever and currently have an ENDANGERED status.

Funds are urgently required to save some of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

Do something amazing today and purchase the CHIMPANZEE pin badge where the funds raised will help fund the care and rehabilitation of displaced and orphaned chimpanzees within Liberia.

Thank you!

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