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✨Help to fund innovative, non-invasive polar bear research & projects that honour polar bears and their place in the Arctic! 

Vulnerable ⚠️

Between 22,000 - 31,000

Arctic Ocean

Climate change, habitat loss, fragmentation & human - wildlife conflict

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The largest bear in the world and the Arctic's top predator, polar bears are a powerful symbol of the strength and endurance of the Arctic.

It's an apt name for this majestic species, which spends much of its life in, around, or on the ocean–predominantly on the sea ice. 

Considered talented swimmers, polar bears can sustain a pace of six miles per hour by paddling with their front paws and holding their hind legs flat like a rudder. They have a thick layer of body fat and a water-repellent coat that insulates them from the cold air and water.

Polar bears spend over 50% of their time hunting for food. A polar bear might catch only one or two out of 10 seals it hunts, depending on the time of year and other variables. Their diet mainly consists of ringed and bearded seals because they need large amounts of fat to survive.

Polar bears rely heavily on sea ice for traveling, hunting, resting, mating and, in some areas, maternal dens. But because of ongoing and potential loss of their sea ice habitat resulting from climate change–the primary threat to polar bears. Arctic-wide–polar bears were listed as a threatened species in the US under the Endangered Species Act in May 2008. As their sea ice habitat recedes earlier in the spring and forms later in the autumn, polar bears are increasingly spending longer periods on land, where they are often attracted to areas where humans live.



Love polar bears? Us too. But they're in real danger of being lost forever and are currently VULNERABLE.

Funds are urgently required to save some of the most beautiful creatures on earth.

The Polar Bear Fund (PBF) will support small, meaningful projects that honour polar bears on an annual basis. Rather than channeling funds to larger organisations, the PBF is designed to enhance smaller, more innovative ideas and fund them quickly.

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