Primate Collection - Support the Chimpanzee, Bornean Orangutan & Mountain Gorilla!

Primate Collection

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For every cause supported, we'll send you a foreverwild pin badge
✨Do you love primates? Well it looks like we have something in common! 

We know there are a lot of you out there who love primates and care for their future. But in all honesty, their future isn't looking too bright. 

We're pleased to be able to offer a 'Primate Collection' of foreverwild pin badges, where you'll be able to support three causes, which we hope will offer something a little more positive towards their future.

Included in the set is...

1 Mountain Gorilla - 25mm Pin Badge
1 Bornean Orangutan - 25mm Pin Badge
1 Chimpanzee - 25mm Pin Badge

Perfect to share with friends... or keep for yourself! 

By purchasing the full set, you'll...

✨ Help fund the direct protection of gorilla families & allow for their trackers to remain in the forest 365 days a year!conflict! ✨

✨ Buy a cozy blanket, soft toy, a hammock or swing for an orphaned orangutan! ✨

✨ Help fund the care & rehabilitation of orphaned and displaced chimpanzees!